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CSAW War Stories

While writing up my recent post about debugging a problem with CSAW CTF’s website this year, I remembered this post which I started writing about a year ago documenting all of the “fun” stories I have from running CTF over the past 4 years.

Debugging in Production

If you competed in this year’s CSAW CTF, you may have noticed that the site was pretty sluggish until around 1am EST Sunday. This post is a walkthrough of how I went from noticing this sluggishness, to debugging the issue, to putting in a fix which increased page load times by over 10x.

systemd's Predictable Network Interface Names

Today while setting up a new Proxmox node in my cluster, I ran into a “fun” issue.

CSAW CTF 2017 Infrastructure Overview

(Cross-posted from my entry in the OSIRIS Lab’s blog: